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January 06 2016

Bride - Velpkaaday
A Kill Bill Fanart I did for my vlepkaaday.tumblr.com streetart project

December 31 2015

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on a Golden Throne
A fanart and a sticker a did for my project: vlepkaaday.tumblr.com/post/136…

November 29 2015

Indivisible contest: fanart Ajna
One of my favourite devloppers: Lab Zero Games runs the indiegogo campaign to create a new game. I have already played the prototype on my PS4 and totally loved it. So I decided to do a fan art for them. Turns out there was a contest for it!

If you like the art, you should totally go to: www.support-indivisible.com , support the game and try the prototype. It's AWESOME.

November 15 2015

Vlepkaaday : Queen of clubs
Another card sticker for my project vlepkaaday.tumblr.com
Triss and Cirilla - Witcher 3
I don't quite like what happened here withe the body proportions, but the colors look fine
Done for : vlepkaaday.tumblr.com

November 01 2015

Vlepkaaday : Queen of hearts
Another card sticker for my project vlepkaaday.tumblr.com

October 18 2015

Vlepka a day : Imperator Furiosa
Sticker design for my blog and project: vlepkaaday.tumblr.com

October 14 2015

Queen of Spades - vlepkaaday
yet another project for a sticker fomr my blog: vlepkaaday.tumblr.com

October 06 2015

Vlepkaaday : demon girl
yet another project for a sticker fomr my blog: vlepkaaday.tumblr.com

October 03 2015

Vlepka a Day: Chun-Li
A design for a sticker I'm doing for my project: vlepkaaday.tumblr.com/

August 18 2015

Snowfinch - Longboard design
A design I did for a contest. You can vote on it here: on.fb.me/1gTCPnq by liking my design

September 24 2014

The Little Mermaid Selfie
Mermaid #2 for my project vlepkaaday.tumblr.com .Third one coming up.

September 22 2014

Little Mermaid
A mermaid for a project I'm working on (for vlepkaaday.tumblr.com)
Reposted bykokokoTeerea

March 16 2014

Profanum: Basen Cover
A cover for a comic I did to the scenario of Tomek Kontny. It was obviously inspired by Alphonse Mucha style.

August 15 2012

Princess Bubblegum
Princess bubblegum from Adventure Time. It's a part of my tshirt design submission for WeLoveFine contest. I've drawn all the characters but i submit this one being the cutest :)

July 30 2012

Kiki cuisine
A little quickie I did as a header for my gf's culinary blog. This shows mainly that i should reconsider drawing only manga:)

You can read her blog here: [link]

July 21 2012

We Love Fine design contest
My entry to Marvel Vilains contest @ WeLoveFine. It's Lady Bullseye with a hawk. You should absolutely go and vote for it here: [link]

July 15 2012

MFK comics backgrounds - page 2
Here's a page of a comic I'm currently working on. It's only backgrounds, people will be added later. It's for a competition on MFK (international comics festiwal). The story was writen by :iconkillashandra-ree:

July 01 2012

Space cat
Recently i've been wanting to draw some Sci-fi stuff. I've been wandering around the subject for quite a long time. finally my girlfriend told me: "hey, why don't you draw me?" So i did. I also added a cute little kitten. And some space. And a gun. Took hell lot of hours (the pants only took me around 5 hours).

June 22 2012

Reposted fromAluslaw Aluslaw viaspell spell
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