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July 21 2012

We Love Fine design contest
My entry to Marvel Vilains contest @ WeLoveFine. It's Lady Bullseye with a hawk. You should absolutely go and vote for it here: [link]

July 15 2012

MFK comics backgrounds - page 2
Here's a page of a comic I'm currently working on. It's only backgrounds, people will be added later. It's for a competition on MFK (international comics festiwal). The story was writen by :iconkillashandra-ree:

July 01 2012

Space cat
Recently i've been wanting to draw some Sci-fi stuff. I've been wandering around the subject for quite a long time. finally my girlfriend told me: "hey, why don't you draw me?" So i did. I also added a cute little kitten. And some space. And a gun. Took hell lot of hours (the pants only took me around 5 hours).

June 22 2012

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June 12 2012

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May 20 2012

Angel blessthefall skateboard
A design for a skateboard for a contest here on deviantart. I was inspired by the band's music and image and wanted to blend it somehow with my pin-up-streetart style. The target was to get a vision of an angel of modern music (like the ancien muses).

Done entirely in Illustrator CS5 and took about ~10 hours from sketch to finish.

May 09 2012

pixel ID
new ID

May 08 2012

A design for a t-shirt for my upcoming brand. I like how it's asymmetrical. It's also my second manga picture ever, so feel free to criticize.

May 05 2012

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April 12 2012

Tropical defender
A design for a tshirt for our longboards brand. It took me around 14 hours in total (sketch + scanning + colouring in PS). It's the first orca I have ever done in my life:)

April 07 2012


April 04 2012

Maa Durga

April 03 2012

0162 952f 500
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March 24 2012

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March 21 2012

Angel of decadence
A design I did for a wall. We're actually transfering it in pencils on the wall and then it will be painted with some acrylic colors. It will be approx. 2m on 1,5 m. It's hell lot of details to paint.

Whole design took around 9 hours to finish. The painting will take some more.

The pose based on some photo of a cabaret dancer from 1930'

March 18 2012

Justina board
A longboard deck I did as a present. It's 100% handmade from maple plywood.

Painted using a photref of my girlfiriend with acrylic colors.

Took around 24 hours from sketch to final painting

March 17 2012

Luka bandita contest art
A contest art for Luka Bandita. Sketch done with pencils; then inked in PS. Took 1 evening from start to finish.

you can actually vote for it and help me win at: [link]
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Dragon sketch
A dragon sketch I did @work when i had not much to do:) Took me abount an hour. Some 2B automatic pencils in my Moleskine sketchbook (a5)
Carigana vlepka
A sticker design i did for my girlfriend's laptop. It's handmade with Parker permanent markers and some promarkers; took around 50 minutes with cutting and stuff. Photo that i used credited to [link]

You can see the original on [link]
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